Inside Tuscany: Arezzo Churches

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Arezzo Churches

Arezzo is one Tuscany’s most important cities with lots to see while being less crowded than the major sites. This short e-book covers the most important Arezzo churches:  


  1. BulletPieve della Santa Maria

  2. BulletIl Duomo

  3. BulletBasilica di San Francesco

  4. BulletBasilica di San Domenico

  5. BulletChiesa di Sant’Agostino

  6. BulletChiesa della Santa Maria in Gradi

  7. BulletChiesa della Santa Maria delle Grazie

  8. BulletBadia dell Sante Flora e Lucilla

  9. BulletChiesa della Santissima Annunziata

The e-book is in Apple’s iBooks format and available on iTunes for $2.99.

Also available in: France, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom.


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