Inside Tuscany: Arezzo Museums and Sites

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Arezzo Museums and Sites

Arezzo makes an excellent base for visiting most of central Tuscany. It’s large enough to have lots to do and small enough to give more value for the euro. Arezzo is full of history and its own museums and sites including:  


  1. BulletCasa Museo di Ivan Bruschi

  2. BulletMuseo Archeologico

  3. BulletTelecommunications Museum

  4. BulletCasa Museo di Giorgio Vasari

  5. BulletMuseo Statale d’Arte Medievale e Moderna

  6. BulletRoman Amphitheater

  7. BulletPiazza Grande

  8. BulletIl Prato and La Fortezza Medicea

  9. BulletBiblioteca

  10. BulletPalazzo del Comune

  11. BulletPonte Buriano, the bridge in the background of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

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