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Cortona’s Offerings

Cortona is one of the most popular hill towns in Tuscany. Its fame skyrocketed with the publication of Frances Mayes’s excellent book, Under the Tuscan Sun. There is a lot to see in Cortona with two of Tuscany’s best museums leading the way: the Museo Diocesano and the MAEC. Among the sites covered in the book:


  1. BulletPiazza Repubblica

  2. BulletPalazzo Comunale

  3. BulletPiazza Signorelli

  4. BulletMuseo dell’Accademia Etrusca e della Città  

  5. BulletMelone II il Sodo Etruscan Tombs  

  6. BulletDuomo di Santa Maria Assunta  

  7. BulletMuseo Diocesano  

  8. BulletSantuario di Santa Margherita   


In addition to the usual site information, this unconventional guidebook includes bonus materials:


  1. Bulletauthentic recipes from my Italian cousins 

  2. Bulletstories about traveling in Italy 

  3. BulletGPS coordinates to sites

  4. BulletTravel information including courtesies, photography, the language, and more.

  5. Bulletmobile accessibility information 

This e-book is available on iTunes in Apples iBooks format for $2.99.

Also available in: France, Germany, Italy, and United Kingdom.


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