Central Tuscany: Eight Tuscan Hill Towns

The “Inside Tuscany: A Second Time Around” Series


Where do you find some of the best hill towns in Tuscany? The Valdichiana.

My books are for the repeat visitor to Tuscany. After you have seen Pisa, Siena, Florence, and San Gimignano where do you go? What do you do? My bet is that you want to see the smaller, less crowded sites and travel slower to enjoy the culture.


This volume of the “Inside Tuscany: A Second Time Around” series describes eight of the most charming hill towns in Tuscany while helping you to enjoy the culture in the process:


  1. BulletSet up your base in the hill town of Arezzo, neither too big nor too small with excellent restaurants and a wealth of museums and churches.

  2. BulletVisit Civitella in Valdichiana and learn of its tragic history during a World War II massacre.

  3. BulletShop at the daily market in bustling Monte San Savino and visit the unique ceramics museum in a fortress tower.

  4. BulletWalk through small and quiet Castiglion Fiorentino and find its small but fascinating Etruscan and Diocesan museums.

  5. BulletMeander through quiet Foiano della Chiana and discover its hidden art treasures.

  6. BulletExplore the small, well-preserved medieval town of Lucignano with its intact walls and fascinating Museo Civico. 

  7. BulletSpend a day at two of the best museums in Cortona, then sit in the Piazza Repubblica and watch people go by. Someone you know will probably walk by.

  8. BulletStudy Etruscan artifacts at the superb Etruscan museum in Chiusi and then go underground to visit the old Roman tunnels and cistern. 


Bonus Materials:

  1. Bulletauthentic recipes from my Italian cousins,

  2. BulletGPS coordinates to sites,

  3. Bulletdecide if a town is worth visiting,

  4. Bullettravel information including courtesies, photography, the language, and more,

  5. Bulletmobile accessibility information.  

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What is the Valdichiana?

The Valdichiana is a large flat valley stretching south of Arezzo to the Umbrian border near Cortona. Originally a swamp, it has been drained several times through the last couple of thousand years and is now the breadbasket of Italy, full of fruit and olive orchards, crops of grain and corn, and grazing land for the famous chianina beef, the source of bistecca fiorentina. 


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